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• PLACEMENT Keep the lather away from your lager. The only bubbles you want in your beer is carbonation, so pick a spot for you SUDSKI that's out of your shower's splash zone.

• HOT N' COLD To maximize your shower experience, make sure the water is hot and the beer is ice cold. You want the best of both worlds. Throw your beer in the freezer and crank the hot water up to 11, if you must.

• DOWN THE HATCH Pick a beer that you can finish in 10 minutes or less and save the heavier stuff for bars and breweries. A good lager should do the trick - it's so fresh and so clean, just like you you'll feel after stepping out of the best shower of your life. 

1. Remove protective film from back of the Sudski holder. Duh, right?
2. Place onto flat, shiny, smooth and dry surface.
3. Use thumb to smooth out any air bubbles.
4. Wait 24 hours before placing beer into holder.
5. Admire your work.
6. Place beer in the holder and enjoy! 

STEP 1: Gently hand wash under warm water while singing it a lullaby. 
STEP 2: Because science says so, allow to dry before reapplying to surface. 
STEP 3: It's dishwasher safe so you could just pop it in there too.